Unable to load odbcji32.dll on windows 8.1 64 Bit

The errors I saw where:

Unable to load odbcji32.dll

Error Number: 0x80040707
Description: DLL function call crashed: ODBCCP32.SQLConfigDriver
Setup will now terminate

I had installed access run-time for 2010 for supporting older software. I had installed the 64-Bit version. I removed it and installed the 32-Bit version and things started working.

Location for Access Run-time installers:


Other notes related to my issue, but very much product specific:

Solution 1 to Error 1:

For the error Unable to create directory Cardiff\Teleform on Teleform install

the solution is the following:

This may be an issue with the Common Appfolder registry key. Check the registry for one of the following keys, depending on your Windows architecture:

64-bit Windows:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Shell Folders

32-bit Windows:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders

In this key, check the value for the “Common AppData” field. If this value is blank, change it to C:\ProgramData, then run the installer again using the “run as administrator” option. This should allow Teleform to install correctly.


Solution 2 to Error 2:

Yes, Teleform v10.9 is compatible and certified on windows 8.


Solution 3 to Error 3:

****This issue wasn´t allowing the client to install Teleform, with two error message on the installation process.

You can try option A,B & C following that order, the first that you can do is check if you can find the file odbcji32.dll.

The odbcji32.dll should be located in the “C:\Windows\SysWOW64” folder. Please check if this file exists . Teleform is a 32 bit app so it will try to use all the 32 bit dll.

If It appears these files do indeed exist in my c:\windows\sysWOW64 folder.


Try testing the 32 bit ODBC driver
To do this access the 32 bit ODBC data source
Then try to create a new DSN to SQL or access

• If you get an error, then your 32 bit ODBC driver may be corrupted and need to be re-install
• if no, then can you please confirm if you have office 2010 installed on this machine?
o If you have office 2010, you may need to install the “32-bit AccessEngine of Office 2007 (!) – see http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=23734″, then install Teleform after


If you see the message “TESTS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY!” after trying option 1 and it doesn´t fix the issue, please try the following:

You can do the following,

1.remove the old Teleform completely and do a fresh install
2.if that does not work,
3.check that if you can create an ODBC connection using the 32 bit ODBC
4.check what else is on this computer such as version of office end make a note of it,
5.make sure if the user is log into the machine locally
6.do not use remote desktop or any other remoting tool
7.make sure to disable UAC if possible
8.run the setup as admin,

Here are the steps for a clean uninstall of Teleform, This can help clean up your system for teleform

Log into the machine with a domain account with local admin rights. We generally recommend logging in with account you are planning to run the workstation with. If possible disable any anti-virus software for the install process and do not log in remotely.

1) Go to add/remove program and remove Teleform. If the computer prompts you to restart. DO NOT DO IT YET.

2) Go to C:\program files\Cardiff and rename Cardiff to cardiffOLD. ( C:\ Programs Files (x86)\Cardiff if 64 bit )

3) Got to C:\ProgramData\Cardiff\ and rename Cardiff to cardiffOLD

4) Go to C:\Windows and locate Teleform.ini and rename it as well.

5) Go to Registry and in HKLM–>software–>Cardiff and rename if it exist The Cardiff key may be under the HKLMsoftware Wow6432NodeCardiff for 64 bit

6) Go to Registry and in HKCU–>software–>Cardiff and rename if it exist.

7) Restart Computer and then re-install Teleform again.

Steps to disable UAC



1 – Remove Microsoft Access Run-time 64 Bit
2 – Install Microsoft Access Run-time 32 Bit.

Ham Radio Deluxe and PowerSDR

I was asked by a friend if I could help his SDR radio talk to Ham Radio Deluxe.

The catch is that the Ham Radio Deluxe must also control the transceiver, a TS-2000.

At first I started to explore the use of the IP Server components of Ham Radio Deluxe.  This seemed like it would be the smart way to handle this but after reviewing it,  I could not get it work as expected so I gave up on that when I came across the fact that HRD supports DDE.

In Ham Radio Deluxe 5.11 you can to Tool/DDE Monitor and you will see a list of supported DDE topics.


You can also review the manual and it shows it will also support other functions such as setting the frequency.

The next trick is getting the current frequecy from the PowerSDR program or from the SDR radio itself.  The radio in case is a soft rock radio.  I found a program to help.  http://pe0fko.nl/CFGSR/

The plan is to write a service that will check the frequency of both and if one frequency changes, update the frequency of the other.

As I progress I will post sample code and a final product.

DDE is very old technology and I am not sure I remember how it works exactly.  I had to get a DDESpy program to find out the name of my DDE link.  For my system it was HRD_RADIO_000.   I was stuck on trying to use HRD_RADIO and that did not work.

I assume the 000 is the instance of Ham Radio Deluxe and if I managed to get two copies running it would be HRD_RADIO_001 for the second instance.  Luckily I don’t have to worry about this.

I plan to use Visual Studios to complete this project.  .Net framework does not really support DDE directly so I have downloaded and installed NDDE.  It is freeware and can be found here:  http://ndde.codeplex.com/

NDDE does not appear to be maintained but has worked so far.

More to come…