Amateur Extra Class license

Saturday March 8th I went to the Salvation Army EDS Training Facility and took an exam that was hosted by the Indianapolis Radio Club-W9JP.

The test took about 30 minutes to complete and another 15 minutes for the results and certification.

About 9 people were at the event to test. Many were younger than I am. (37).

I was told I had passed my Extra license exam and that they had no more tests for me to take.

What a great group of guys and I enjoyed the experience.

Apple II clear screen

The below code is 6502 Assembler for the Apple II computer. It will load a space into each memory location for the screen causing the screen to be cleared.

(MADS compiler with the WUDSN IDE)

; WUDSN IDE example MADS source file for Apple II binary file format (".b")
; @com.wudsn.ide.asm.hardware=APPLE2

opt h-f+
org $300-4
.word main
.word .len main
.proc main

ldx #$00
ldy #$00
myout lda #$A0
sta $0400,y
sta $0500,y
sta $0600,y
sta $0700,y
//sta $0800,y
bne myout