Logbook Of The World! – Worked all States.

One of the many goals of an Amateur can be to work all states. When I started almost two years ago I never figured I would get that far into this hobby.

It has been a blast and truly digital modes have helped.

I would like to thank everyone who I made contact with along the way.

Most of my contacts where done with JT65 with 10 watts or less of power and using dipoles in the attic. Many of my SSB contacts where done with a mini hamstick on the car using 100 watts of power.

Here is my listing of the 50 people I worked to achieve the goal of WAS:

US State Basic
Alabama (AL) 5NZ
Alaska (AK) KL7DX
Arizona (AZ) WA7NB
Arkansas (AR) AE5ZZ
California (CA) N6ED
Colorado (CO) N8BIF
Connecticut (CT) W100AW
Delaware (DE) W3VD
Florida (FL) K4WQ
Georgia (GA) KG4USN
Hawaii (HI) W1AW/KH6
Idaho (ID) K0IP
Illinois (IL) K9FE
Indiana (IN) K9HIO
Iowa (IA) N0GR
Kansas (KS) KB0PPQ
Kentucky (KY) W4UII
Louisiana (LA) KC5ODI
Maine (ME) WA2HIP
Maryland (MD) W3FT
Massachusetts (MA) N1PH
Michigan (MI) N8CGY
Minnesota (MN) W0PEC
Mississippi (MS) WD5CCA
Missouri (MO) W1AW/0
Montana (MT) N8FKF
Nebraska (NE) W1AW/0
Nevada (NV) W7RN
New Hampshire (NH) AB1OC
New Jersey (NJ) KC2SOU
New Mexico (NM) N2IC
New York (NY) W2/JR1AQN
North Carolina (NC) KJ4UBL
North Dakota (ND) K0STK
Ohio (OH) KD8TZC
Oklahoma (OK) KF5NJT
Oregon (OR) KK7PR
Pennsylvania (PA) AA3B
Rhode Island (RI) KA1ERL
South Carolina (SC) AD4AA
South Dakota (SD) N0MHL
Tennessee (TN) W1AW/4
Texas (TX) W1AW/5
Utah (UT) W7DRO
Vermont (VT) W1SJ
Virginia (VA) KO4GS
Washington (WA) KU7T
West Virginia (WV) K8CTB
Wisconsin (WI) W9LOL
Wyoming (WY) AA7IX

baofeng uvr-5 and the Jpole

Using a home made jPole and a baofeng uvr5, a 5 watt radio I have been having a blast making long distant contacts.


Sitting outside with my jpole mounted on the fence I can reach 25 miles regularly with only 5 watts of power.

During a contest known as the Hill Top contest I decided to test the limits of the radio with simplex mode using the same jPole antenna but this time with my yaesu ft-857d radio at 50 watts.

I was able to make a remarkable trip of 100 miles with my jPole taped to a pole and leaning against a tree at about 20 feet in the air.