baofeng uvr-5 and the Jpole

Using a home made jPole and a baofeng uvr5, a 5 watt radio I have been having a blast making long distant contacts.


Sitting outside with my jpole mounted on the fence I can reach 25 miles regularly with only 5 watts of power.

During a contest known as the Hill Top contest I decided to test the limits of the radio with simplex mode using the same jPole antenna but this time with my yaesu ft-857d radio at 50 watts.

I was able to make a remarkable trip of 100 miles with my jPole taped to a pole and leaning against a tree at about 20 feet in the air.

FT-7900r – EchoLink

I have working on setting up my FT-7900r as an echo link node.

It is connected to a PC using a signal link usb adapter.

The cable I have is also the same cable that works for my FT-857D to do digital modes.

The Tx and Rx knobs seem to work best at about 9 o’clock and the delay around the 3 o’clock setting.

volume controls are for speaker are at 50 and mic input at about 65.

I am having an issue here volume drops after about 12 seconds of talking.

As soon as I figure this issue out I’ll post the fix for it.